Informations For Your Holiday

Parking Space

Arber Lofts have more than four parking lots outside the outbuilding and up to eight parking lots (depending on car placement) in the south. Our janitor, Mani, engages in clearing the streets of snow during winter.

To drive up onto the inner courtyard in order to pack or unload suitcases is gladly permitted. However, afterwards, the gate is to be closed so everyone can enjoy the protected atmosphere of a sheltered yard.

Further Important Details

The requirements for fire protection were exceeded, according to our expert: each room is provided with a smoke detector and central smoke detection equipment. Senior and Big Holiday Loft both have a second escape route at their disposal. We use solar panels to heat service water and a photovoltaic system is in planning. Consequently, you will be able to experience a holiday which is not only safe, but ecologically sustainable as well.