Summer Holiday

Enjoy Nature During The Warmer Months!

Once the days become longer and the temperatures get higher, lakes, forests and vibrant plains become all the more inviting. Soak up some warm sunlight and feel energized again.

You will have a variety of locations to go to for a hiking trip: the Arber, the adjacent National Park Šumava, the jungle area Mittelsteighütte or the immediate vicinity of your Arber Loft. Vividly green trees, burbling creeks and untouched nature itself call for exploration.

Biking, Nordic Walking or relaxing walks in the Bavarian Forest alike make the hearts of nature lovers leap. Both the need for quiet tranquillity and tempting adventures can be fulfilled in the Forest’s diverse environment.

Back in your modern loft, the swimming pool and comfortable loungers make relaxation effortless. Experience the unique contrast of modernity and nature during your summer holiday.

Hiking recommendation:

We particularly recommend a hike to the Schwellhäusl, a historic inn located in Bayerisch Eisenstein. The traditionally Bavarian cabin made of logs offers both refreshing meals and a homey beer garden.

Open daily

10.00 am -18.00 pm (No day of rest)

Route: Arberlofts - Urwald Hans - Watzlik - Hain - Schwellhäusl, approx. 1 hour walk

Insider: To the south of the Arber Lofts, you can walk about 1 hour to the "Schloss Rabenstein" (Rabenstein Castle), former family home of the Poschinger glass barons, via the glass path. Approximately 1 km from the castle there is a renatured pond, habitat for rare animal and plant species. Discover this dream of wild nature!


"Hiking is the most perfect way to get around if you want to discover real life. It is the way to freedom.”

(Elizabeth von Arnim, Autoress)

"Explore the area on a "Drahtesel" (bike)"

The Bavarian Forest proves to be a true Eldorado for bike fans. Whether family-friendly and comfortable or varied and demanding – cyclists and bikers are guaranteed to get their money’s worth here. You can design your bike tour according to your own wishes.

Particularly enjoyable are leisurely drives to the "Trinkwassertalsperre" to Frauenau or exciting tours to the Arber summit. Alternatively, the surrounding mountains such as Falkenstein and the Bretterschachten der Spitzberg in the Bohemian Forest are worthwhile destinations for cyclists.

We especially recommend biking from Bayerisch Eisenstein to the neighbouring Sumava National Park. A bike ride to the Great Arber Lake is a great experience as well. If you want to see great deals of the natural environment the Bavarian Forest has to offer, you should not miss out on the Regental long-distance cycle path, which runs along the river Regen to Regensburg. It is both family friendly and can be mastered within three daily stages.

Kayaj Tours And Further Outdoor Adventures

Ever wanted to kayak in whitewater? If so, this tour is just the right thing for you! The route between Bayerisch Eisenstein and Zwiesel along the river "Großer Regen" (Heavy Rain) is an insider tip among water sports enthusiasts. Surrounded by deserted, jungle-like forestss, you will experience an adventurous ride in the light whitewater. Alternatively, in case you would rather take it a little easier, the supplier also offers various other canoe tours.